Simplify the Entire Flow Monitoring Process

Applications Benefits
· Inflow and Infiltration Studies (I&I)
· Sewer System Evaluation Surveys   (SSES)
· Industrial Monitoring
· Inter-District Billing
· Lift Station Metering
· Accuracy traceable to NIST standards
· Factory pre-calibrated
· Fully portable and easily installed
· No minimum level or flow requirement
· Sampler pacing & rainfall logging
· Real time data monitoring
· Independent of velocity profiles
· Eliminates Doppler and Magnetic sensors
· CalcuFlowTM 97 software (for Windows® 95)

The DataGator's specially designed flow tube includes three submersible, high accuracy pressure transducers for flow measurement without sensor fouling or minimum level concerns.

Sewer flow monitoring under all flow conditions - open channel, full pipe, surcharged, submerged, and reverse.

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