Portable Sewer Flow Metering Device

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Fully portable, precalibrated and easily installed flow metering device capable of accurate measurement in all sewer and storm water flow conditions.

Competitive Advantages:

  1. Greater accuracy -- with error factors as low as three percent of full scale (at open channel and full pipe flow operating conditions), compared to ten percent and higher for velocity-area flowmeters. This device offers greater performance accuracy than any other sewer flowmeter on the market.
  2. No field calibration required -- the user can save valuable time because calibration in the sewer is not required (the device is already precalibrated to meet National Institute of Standards and Technology standards).
  3. Ease of installation -- installers can be in and out of the sewer in less than ten minutes.
  4. Increased versatility -- this is the only flowmeter that accurately operates under all flow conditions (partially filled or full pipe, reverse flow and submerged flow). The device also provides accurate readings during the transition from partial to full pipe flow.

Examples of Applications and Markets:

The major market for the flowmeter is in municipalities for infiltration/inflow studies, capacity studies and sewer flow monitoring. Typically, the flowmeter is placed in a sewer line to collect data for several days or weeks and then moved to another location. Hence, ease of installation is a very important consideration. Another small, but rapidly emerging market is the area of monitoring industrial discharges into municipal sewer systems or waterways. The flowmeter has also been used to measure water use efficiency by comparing wastewater effluent flows to water use to determine process losses.


Selective field trials completed. This novel product, winner of the prestigious R&D 100 award, was previously offered by TN Technologies Inc. as the DataGatorTM. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Phase II developed larger sizes of flow tubes. Related technology -- completed U.S. Advanced Research Project Agency, Phase I project for wireless communication between manhole and field.

Commercial Interest:

Patents for the flowmetering technology are available for license or outright sale. YES can provide contacts who have previously used this device and would like to be able to purchase additional units.


Literature Available:

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