A Child-Resistant, Adult-Friendly Package Closure: WiseCap™


A child-resistant package design with an opening mechanism which relies on cognitive skills rather than strength.

How It Works:

The effectiveness of this novel child-resistant packaging closure technology relies on differences in the ways adults and young children think. The product was designed on the model of a simple combination lock mechanism. A two-piece double-locking cap requires a sequence of two turns to open it.

Competitive Advantage:

Ease of use, particularly for adults. Does not require strength or manual dexterity.

Examples of Applications and Markets:

Child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals and hazardous household substances. This closure will work effectively on all sizes of containers, liquids or solids. (Sample package can be provided on request).


One embodiment of this technology (WiseCap), has been tested with the procedures from the Poison Prevention Packaging Act and passes the full requirements. WiseCap is an R&D Magazine R&D-100 Award winner and has been licensed by a major pharmaceutical company for non-exclusive worldwide application. While YES was paid in full for the license, a change in the licensee's product strategy precluded commercialization of the closure as planned. The patents are available for exclusive or non-exclusive license or for outright sale.


Literature Available:

AutoCad Drawing of WiseCap

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